Zoetrope: Thoughts

I have now read and reviewed two scripts on this site and I was impressed.  They’re not great scripts, but they’ve got potential.  And they are so much better than the crap I was stuck reading when I read for development.  (With the exception of the Gumby script, that shit rocked!)

I read a fantasy idea that had a lot of problems but it was actually tonally quite nice and had very evocative imagery.  If this author does a second draft, I will be excited to read it.  And I read a piece that was Top Gun meets Taken, with a female lead… tonally it was all over the place, but the quality of the writing itself (the prose and dialogue) was really quite good.

I was pleasantly surprised having read… well just awful awful screenplays from writers that had representation that got their work into my hands.

Bible Con hasn’t gotten any reviews yet, but it’s got 14 reads.

Zoetrope: Thoughts

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    Yeah, I know the peer-review sites get a bad rep but I actually like slipping something on there just to catch feedback on what’s universally hated as far as story elements. Better to knock those out of the way before soliciting notes from people you know whose feedback could be better spent elsewhere. I’ve read some hilariously inventive stuff on there, FURRY springs to mind as a short that made me smile deep inside.

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