There is a site called inktip that sells itself as a destination for writers to get their screenplays read by Bonafide Agents, Producers, Developers, etc.  I’ve been a psuedo-member for about a year now, but never bothered to actually e-mail in my signature, because I got the newsletter just the same.

Today, I’ve broken down, my curiosity has got the better of me, and I’ve spent the $60 to have my script listed there for 6 months.  It’s not yet posted, but I’ll keep you up to date.  I’m curious as to how it works.

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    O wow..thanks so much! I found your blog because I’d created a Google Alert with the term “InkTip” hoping someone would write about it. You are the first hit. Please do keep us appraised as to whether these guys are for real. I’ve just gotten to the Q letter phase with my first three screenplays (you know that feeling…the ‘they are finally done’ feeling!) and was considering submitting to them.

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      Hey, welcome. Yeah, I know the stage. I’ll keep this up to date, as soon as I’ve got any idea if it was worth the money. I’ve gotten two “search” hits, but no one’s read my logline yet. I’m guessing the biggies do their searches Monday or Friday, so we’ll see how that goes.

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