The Gayification of Lady TV

Lifetime and Oxygen are, I think, trying to take the Fab Gay Crown from Bravo.  I mean, Lifetime desperately fought tooth and nail to get Project Runway.  And it’s, of course, the most fantastic, gayest thing on TV.  It should be noted, that I <3 the gay.  <3 it bad.

But, for those of you who doubt Oxygen has the capacity to get out of it’s old lady brand, Naughty Kitchen is going to be just as gaytastic.  The lead character is as husky voiced and sassy as your average drag queen, though she is in fact a woman.  Her obsession with pink and feminization is an extreme gender performance perhaps one step below Divine’s.  But the cast of characters takes this even further.  The women are almost all extremely loud, brassy and independent, and the men are almost invariably gay.  Gay gay gay gay gay.  You know what I’m talking about.  Finger snap, head snap, eyebrow.

Could it be gayer?

I mean, 1, look at the hair, and 2, count the amount of bj mouths.  It’s gayer than men kissing in front of a rainbow runway with hair stylists and makeup artists singing “Body Beautiful“.*

So, I mean, obviously I’m telling you to check it out, I’m waiting in great anticipation!

*Full Disclosure: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar is the first movie I have a strong recollection of seeing in the theater, probably because I saw it a half-dozen times thanks to a babysitter completely willing to leave me at the theater and it being the only not rated R movie for a few weeks.

The Gayification of Lady TV
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