"Pathfinders Project" Ben Blanchard on Atheists Talk

Minnesota Atheists members have a long tradition of supporting and participating in charitable works, volunteerism and otherwise lending a hand where we can. For those of you who enjoy this time of activity and social engagement, you’re going to want to tune in to this weekend’s episode of Atheists Talk.

Ben Blanchard recently returned from a year abroad. He was one of the first participants of the Pathfinders Project, the purpose of which is described by their website as so:

Pathfinders Project is a yearlong international service trip sponsored by Foundation Beyond Belief, a nonprofit created to focus, encourage, and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion. Through Pathfinders Project, humanist volunteers (the Pathfinders) are supporting clean water, education, human rights, and environmental conservation work around the globe.

Ben served in Africa and South America, and in those places he met and worked alonside people in numerous countries, participated in cultural exchange and shared in the lives of new friends. Before his trip, Ben was well-known known for his work with the Secular Student Alliance and was involved with the Campus Atheists, Humanists and Skeptics at the University of Minnesota where he was a student.

Please join us this Sunday to hear Ben’s stories and lessons learned, and why the idea of humanist service is so vital to our movement and to the world.

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"Pathfinders Project" Ben Blanchard on Atheists Talk