"Accessible Philosophy for Everyone", Dan Fincke on Atheists Talk

Philosophy is a process of thinking critically that has been used by humans since before the Greeks used it to try to figure out how the world works and how best to live within it. It is the foundation of science, morality, and ethics and a means to satisfy our curiosity in a logical fashion. Recently a few well-known physicists have said that philosophy is unnecessary because now we have the means in our technological age to answer questions that metaphysicists attempted to resolve without fancy tools. Philosophy and science, however, are mutually dependent on each other.

Dan Fincke is a professor who has moved out of the university setting to teach philosophy online through Hangouts, making the vast field accessible to busy and curious and yearning people worldwide. He joins us to talk about all the whys and hows of his classes.

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"Accessible Philosophy for Everyone", Dan Fincke on Atheists Talk