Spin Doctors' Mark White on Atheists Talk

Coming off of his talk at American Atheist’s National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah this past month, Mark White continues his atheist speaking as this Sunday’s Atheists Talk radio show guest. He’ll speak about leaving Christianity and perhaps share a few stories about his musical career and his time with The Spin Doctors.

Mark White is a founding member of the alternative rock band, The Spin Doctors. Best known for Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, the Spin Doctors have sold millions of records and were nominated for a Grammy for Two Princes.

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Spin Doctors' Mark White on Atheists Talk

One thought on “Spin Doctors' Mark White on Atheists Talk

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    Cool. In ’92 when I was a freshmen in college, that first SD album was played constantly around my dorm. People moved on and then eventually the Spin Doctors turned into one of those bands that nobody wanted to admit loving at some point, but I always admired their musicianship and catchy tunes. Anyways, years later I dated a gal who used to date the drummer. It’s always nice to see somebody in music come out as an atheist. While the musicians I’ve known have been fairly irreligious, open/out/vocal atheists (like myself) are pretty rare. Good on Mark. Hopefully I will remember to check out the interview to hear his story.

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