Day of Reason at the MN State Capitol

Every year, religious groups bus people into Saint Paul for the Day of Prayer rally outside the state capitol. Every year, Minnesota Atheists organizes a Day of Reason event inside the capitol rotunda. There’s always a little fun to be had looking at the weather and musing about what it would tell us about the preferences of an interventionist deity if one existed. To be fair, early May in Minnesota tends toward volatile weather, so it’s stacking the deck, but the game is still entertaining. This year, for example, people rallying outside are predicted to have their sixth consecutive day of heavy, drenching rain.

Inside is much more appealing, and not just because of the weather. The theme for this years event is “30 years and growing, with good reason.” The Humanists of Minnesota are joining us this year to co-sponsor a celebration of 30 years of organized atheism in Minnesota. From the Meetup page for the event:

The theme of this year’s Day of Reason will be “30 Years and Growing with Good Reason”. While the Day of Prayer simultaneously occurs on the steps leading to the capitol, we will be in the rotunda celebrating the continuous presence and growth of secular organizations in the State of Minnesota throughout the last 30 years. We will hear from several organizations which have had a positive secular presence in Minnesota, and hopefully we will also hear from a few representatives on how they view the benefits of separating government and religion.

This is a family friendly event. Children might find speeches boring, but educating them on the importance of standing up for your rights and making change in the world is invaluable! This is a great way to do that. You may also call ahead to schedule a tour of the capital building for your visit.

Let’s represent secular society by filling up the rotunda, letting ourselves be heard, and celebrating reason in Minnesota!

We’ve confirmed that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie will welcome us to the capitol for the event. If you can make it to the capitol over lunch on a Thursday, come on down and join us!

Day of Reason at the MN State Capitol