"Not Home for the Holidays", Sarah Morehead on Atheists Talk

For many of us, even as atheists, the winter holidays are a time of celebration, feasting and gifts with family. However, for some of us, leaving religion came with the cost of leaving part or all of our families behind. Some of us have been shunned. For others, strife over religion makes time with our families anything but a happy holiday.

Sarah Morehead is the Executive Director of Recovering from Religion, an organization that has helped to support countless people through and after their transition away from belief. She has experience with the challenges of losing faith as part of a strongly religious family and with helping others through the same process. She joins us this Sunday to talk about the challenges formerly religious atheists face during this time of year and some of the ways people find to cope.

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"Not Home for the Holidays", Sarah Morehead on Atheists Talk