Skepchick Network: Rebecca Watson on Atheists Talk

When you identify a group that is underrepresented in skepticism, what do you do? You could try blaming that group for not being interested in your work, but how appealing is that going to look to the people you want to attract? Alternately, you could try to meet people where they are, to show them how skepticism applies to them and their interests.

That second approach is what led Rebecca Watson to found Skepchick, a skeptical site aimed at women who want their skepticism to sometimes hit a little closer to home than fake moon landings. Starting with the main site, aimed at women, the Skepchick network now covers four languages and six topical areas. Additionally, Skepchick runs a track of science and skepticism programming at CONvergence, a large science fiction and fantasy convention held in the Twin Cities over the Fourth of July weekend.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about reaching audiences that organized skepticism sometimes otherwise forgets.

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Skepchick Network: Rebecca Watson on Atheists Talk

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