"FFRF 2013 Convention" Annie Laurie Gaylor on Atheists Talk

This weekend is a busy one for Minnesota Atheists. After an incredible amount of work and planning, the 2013 Weekend of Unbelievable Fun: The Second Coming is here! Tonight we kick things off with the Mr. Paul Aints baseball game at Midway Stadium in St. Paul, and then on Saturday we have the American Atheists/Minnesota Atheists Regional Conference. And leave it to the wonderful producers of this show: they managed to secure an interview with the conference’s keynote speaker, Annie Laurie Gaylor!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is hosting their own convention in September, with guests like Julia Sweeney, Jill Sobule, Sara Paretsky, and Dan Savage, along with many freethought favorites. The convention is in Madison, so it’s easier for those of us in the Midwest to reach. Prepare for Gaylor to make you want to take a roadtrip.

Annie Laurie Gaylor is the co-founder and current co-president of the FFRF, an organization devoted to addressing violations of state and church, and educating the public in matters related to non-theism. Annie Laurie is the author of the Woe to Women: For the Bible Tells Me So and Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuses of Children, as well as the anthology Women Without Superstition: No Gods, No Masters. She is the editor of the only freethought newspaper in the United States, Freethought Today.

We are excited and honored to have Annie Laurie Gaylor join us for this weekend’s show, and to paraphrase the John Lennon classic that the FFRF uses for its weekly podcast intro and outro music: “We hope Sunday you will join us!”

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"FFRF 2013 Convention" Annie Laurie Gaylor on Atheists Talk
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