Gender Equality in the Secular Movement

More video out from Women in Secularism 2! This one even includes me. I don’t remember very much of what I said. Shortly before the panel started, I’d been lying down in a quiet room hoping the migraine meds would kick in. What I do remember is that this is the panel that had Richard Dawkins subtweeting about the meaning of the word “cranky”. So there’s that.

If that’s not enough of a tease for you, this panel was also moderated by Greta Christina and featured Ophelia Benson, Elizabeth Cornwell, and Debbie Goddard.

Gender Equality in the Secular Movement

4 thoughts on “Gender Equality in the Secular Movement

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    Men are just as oppressed by religion as men are. [E. Cornwell]

    Ahem, I disagree, since men get to be made in God’s image and be in charge.

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    smhll @1:

    Ahem, I disagree, since men get to be made in God’s image and be in charge.

    I mostly disagree with you, but not entirely. Society enforces gender norms for everyone, not just everyone but the men. Can men wear make-up, or a skirt? If they fail to follow their norms, they are not “men” and thus worthy of shunning. It’s one reason why feminists are slowly shifting towards using “kyriarchy” instead of “patriarchy,” as it’s a more accurate description.

    It’s still true that on the whole, men suffer less than any other gender (which is why I don’t completely disagree), but even they can face some level of oppression, and in some cases face even more than an oppressed group as a whole.

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    Yes, I also find the term kyriarchy more useful than patriarchy.

    But in fundamentalist christianity, (which likes to think of itself as more christian than the other subsets) women are expected to submit to their husbands. And the husbands are prayerfully supposed to treat their wives well. Well, the all-seeing God doesn’t watch over these women and guarantee good results from this system, so shit happens.

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