My FtBConscience Schedule

I have a busy weekend coming up, even though I won’t be on screen for most of it. I’m hosting seven sessions, participating in one of them as a panelist and moderating Q&A in three. And then we drink.

Questions for all of these sessions can be asked in the Pharyngula chat room during the sessions themselves. For more instructions on that (they’re really simple) see the conference’s website. However, I also understand that people might have a burning question for a speaker and a schedule conflict both at the same time. (I know!) If you’re in that situation or you just have bad IRC flashbacks, feel free to ask your question on any of these sessions here in the comments.

All times are in Central Daylight.

Mission Creep Friday, July 19, 9pm to 10pm

Jason Thibeault discusses his life’s path through various social justice awakenings, and how social justice movements – atheism and skepticism included – all inevitably convergently evolve toward intersectionality.

Thinking Rationally About Climate Change Saturday, July 20, 9am to 10am

Get the latest news on climate change and find out why it’s important.

Greg Laden and John Abraham

Of Spoons and Skepticism: Skeptics Talk About Chronic Pain Saturday, July 20, 11am to 12pm

Panel will cover what the experience of chronic pain is like, why the skeptic community should care, how the skeptic community can be welcoming and accessible to people in pain, common myths and truths about chronic pain, and good resources for skeptical perspectives on chronic pain.

Ania Bula (moderator), Emily Finke, Mitchell Greenbaum, Emily Harte, Chana Messinger

Representation and Young Adult literature Saturday, July 20, 8pm to 9pm

Although much of the bestselling YA literature in the last few years has featured female main characters, ofttimes the portrayal of these characters is problematic in terms of gender stereotypes and lack of minority characters. This is a discussion of the ways YA literature succeeds and fails and why it needs to change.

Ashley Miller (moderator), Kelley Freeman

Improving the Image of Atheists Sunday, July 21, 10am to 11am

Atheists have an image problem. We didn’t create it, but we’re the ones with an interest in fixing it. Let’s talk about the range of strategies for doing that while still fighting our fights.

Stephanie Zvan (moderator), James Croft, Chris Ho-Stuart, Sarah Moglia, Kaoru Negira

What the Military Taught Me About Feminism Sunday, July 21, 1pm to 2pm

Richard Carrier gives a personal talk about his experiences in the military and what they taught him about feminism. He’ll be telling some embarrassing and personal stories about his time in the service twenty years ago as a young naive man, and reflecting on how they changed him and contributed to what he knows and how he thinks today.

Warning for Viewers: Some of the stories will be about the sexualization of women, and Carrier will be repeating sexual slurs and other things he saw and heard that can be quite shocking.

Organizing a Regional Con Sunday, July 21, 4pm to 5pm

So you want to run a conference. Everybody’s doing it. Tune in to this session to find out what you need to know to make yours work.

Stephanie Zvan (moderator), Ben Blanchard, JT Eberhard, Lauren Lane, Joshua Preston

And Now We Drink Sunday, July 21, 8pm to 9pm

Join the FtBloggers for closing toasts as we wrap up our first FtBCon.

My FtBConscience Schedule
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