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I’ve been getting hits from a Storify by Damion Reinhardt, one of the hosts of Oklahoma Atheists’ Godcast and Justin Vacula buddy. So I decided to take a look. I found a remarkable bit of obtuseness.


(Read it at Storify if your browser doesn’t load it.)

Reinhardt somehow “missed the memo” that Vacula advocates for the little culture of abuse we’ve got going here? Really? How?

Where was Reinhardt when Vacula was hanging out with people who were digging through my four-year-old blog posts for “dirt” while still claiming that no, no one was cyberstalking me; it was all just “criticism”?

Where was Reinhardt when Vacula was claiming that if I didn’t like the “nastiness”, it was my job to “get out of the kitchen”?

Where was Reinhardt when Vacula mentioned the hate we receive, then promptly turned around and minimized it all as “dissent” and “criticism”?

Where was Reinhardt when Vacula justified all the harassment and cyberstalking as a reaction to “call-out culture”?

Where was Reinhardt when Vacula blamed Ophelia for the namecalling she received?

That’s a hell of a “somehow”, especially since Reinhardt was right there for parts of it, commenting on Vacula’s blog posts and videos. I have theory, though. There is one little thing that might keep Reinhardt from noticing that Vacula was advocating for that culture of abuse.

He didn’t notice because he was too busy doing exactly the same thing himself. This is the guy, after all, who decided he needed pile on the hyperbole to champion the slime pit when I suggested people needed to renounce it if their goal was “dialogue” with me. This is the guy who called the slime pit (yes, that slime pit) the “loyal opposition”.

So, really, there’s no surprise at all that he won’t see what Vacula is doing right out in the open. Though it is still a bit weird that he’d be willing to not just put that bit of blindness in writing, much less capture it for posterity. But hey, I’m well past bothering to try to figure out why these guys do what they do.

Somehow You Missed It
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  1. 1

    Their basic message is: “If you don’t agree with us, be quiet and go away and never make yourself heard… but if we disagree with you, it’s totes okay to harass you for years on end, because it’s just ‘criticism’.”

    Wow, with critical thinking skills like that, no wonder they’re the world’s premiere skeptics!


  2. 2

    I seriously doubt Reinhardt “missed” Vacula’s harassment because he was too busy engaging in such behavior himself. Rather, I think it’s more accurate to say that he KNOWS Vacula is harassing you, agrees with Vacula’s harassment because he’s doing it himself, and is actively gaslighting you by claiming not to see any harassment, specifically as a form of harassment to make you feel put upon, distrusted, and unsupported.

  3. 3

    In a weak moment, I hit the link for the storify page and was relieved to see that it was no longer available. At least I hope so, though I suspect temporarily unavailable is a more likely description. At any rate, I was pleased to be saved from my foolishness!

  4. 4

    Well, it’s re-available now… with new added comment!

    “Are these accusations worth answering? Maybe so. Maybe not. I’ll let Justin defend his own actions as he sees fit, but I’m not going to bother defending my own. If you have something specific for which you’d like to call me out, please leave a comment here. Thanks!”

    Shit, but these people are just horrid :/

  5. 5

    LOL…I’ve just having a conversation with Reinhardt on Chris Hallquist’s blog about Lindsey’s WiSCFI debacle. I suggested some reading for him, including some of the excellent posts about the speech here and at Greta’s and a couple of others. He refused to look at them because he says he’s been blocked here:

    If someone blocks me, they forfeit my readership.

    Reinhardt is still a fundy at heart. He sees and hears what he wants to see and hear; nothing more.

    I can trash talk him here because I know he will never read this… -.o

  6. 7

    @A.Hermit, he also reckons he never reads the Slymepit anymore so your copy/pasted comment there (Assuming as I don’t read it either) will not be read by him either! What can I trash talk about him? I heard he quite likes Rebecca Watson….

    Although seriously I had hoped that not reading the pit would have a good effect on him, guess we might need a bit of time for the Slyme to wear off. What is the half life on that stuff anyway?

  7. 8

    Actually the link is to him replying to me in Hallquist’s comments section…where he is also trying to write my arguments for me before he will reply to them…o_O

    Sometimes I think he almost gets it…I have seen him defending Rebecca Watson…but he just can’t quite seem to let himself make that last reasonable step.

  8. 9

    Reinhardt’s just being loyal. If you think about it he must see a great deal of himself in Vacula: the wafer-thin veneer of reasonableness barely concealing raging contempt, the unapologetic obtuseness, the smug pretense toward “reasonable dissent” when enabling and encouraging harassment and abuse, the ridiculous invocations of totalitarianism in response to being blocked from someone’s internet space…they’re like peas* in a pod.

    *Not chick peas, of course. Derr.

  9. 10

    Ha! I notice Reinhardt has no problem reproducing tweets from Katie “tkmlac”. (That’s the same person who insisted Ophelia take down a screencap of one of her tweets (even though it contained no identifying information) because she wanted to control who could see her tweets – leading to the fictional slymepit narrative that Ophelia had put her life in danger by reproducing her tweet.)

  10. 11

    Reinhardt and I don’t talk anymore. We did for a while, but then we had this odd interaction. I was arguing on twitter that Vacula should leave Ophelia alone. Reinhardt contacted me in the midst of this. So he and I were talking about the situation, and I said that if someone said to leave them alone, you should leave them alone. Reinhardt responded by saying I should leave him alone (keep in mind, he contacted me). So I did, and we haven’t talked since.

    Very odd interaction. I’m guessing he told me to leave him alone to make a point, but I don’t really know, as I didn’t ask him.

  11. 12

    If you have something specific for which you’d like to call me out, please leave a comment here. Thanks!

    Like this entire blog post?

    If someone blocks me, they forfeit my readership.

    Ahh…That explains why he doesn’t address anything in either post; he hasn’t read them. He’s just talking out of his ass like usual.

  12. 14

    Reinhardt responded by saying I should leave him alone (keep in mind, he contacted me). So I did, and we haven’t talked since.

    Very odd interaction. I’m guessing he told me to leave him alone to make a point, but I don’t really know, as I didn’t ask him.

    Hehe not hard is it? Maybe if he contacts you on Twitter or writes a blog post about you then you may feel a need to violate the agreement. But until then ignoring is easy. Makes you wonder why they have such a hard time sticking a flounce or swallowing a ban. Such a childish attitude that everyone *must* listen to MEEE!!

    Worth quoting from the conduct policy that “Skep Tickle” supposedly had a hand in writing, maybe she should be schooling the Slymepitters and herself a bit more.

    4) Failure to respect boundaries
    c) by not changing harassing behavior when asked to do so
    5) Personal insults (verbal or non-verbal):
    a) Direct personal attacks

  13. 16

    Her’s something odd..Reinhardt insists he never reads Greta blog and categorically refused to read her posts about Lindsey’s speech…yet somehow, in his latest post, he’s managed to quote one of the comments from post in question as evidence of the terrible “vitriol” being hurled at Lindsey..

    He won’t read the article itself, but he’s not above cherry picking the comments to find support for his presuppositions.

    And of course he’s outraged by the terrible abuse of poor Lindsey. He’s upset by what he calls the disproportionate vitriol of the criticisms directed at Lindsey (even while refusing to read the actual criticisms, but describes Reap Paden’s abusive behaviour as simply “uncivil.”

    The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one…

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