"God and the Atom", Victor Stenger on Atheists Talk

Renowned particle physicist, professor, author, skeptic and atheist activist Victor Stenger joins Atheists Talk this Sunday to discuss his recently published book, God and the Atom.

Dr. Stenger has been popularizing the science of reality for decades. He has published dozens of articles for popular magazines and peer-reviewed journals. He has written at least eleven stand-alone books, and seven of those have been published within the past decade. He popularized the phrase “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”

In God and the Atom Dr. Stenger takes us on a historical journey of the concept of the atom, which starts much earlier than you might expect! Atomism – the theory that nature consists only of atoms and void – survived for centuries in the absence of direct evidence. Very recently technology was developed that definitively proved the atom’s existence. Stenger makes the case that the total absence of empirical facts and theoretical arguments to support the existence of any component to reality other than atoms and the void can be taken as proof beyond a reasonable doubt that such a component is nowhere to be found.

Please join us this Sunday as David Pacheco interviews Victor Stenger about God and the Atom.

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"God and the Atom", Victor Stenger on Atheists Talk