So You Don't Have To

A couple of weekends ago, I was at Omegacon for a bit of enforced relaxation. Yes, it really is an F&SF convention that people attend in their pajamas.

While we were there, a couple of my network mates and I got together with our friends from the Geeks Without God podcast to play Left Behind: The Movie, The Board Game Adventure. (I swear to you on all that is unholy that this is really the name of the game.) Being who we are, we also set up a microphone to capture the event.

I can’t tell you how much we were looking forward to this. It played no small part in the decision to leave my bedroom after an insane week that involved a business trip and traveling to the emergency room before dawn in a city I’d never been to before. Yes, everyone will be fine, but I was a bit of a wreck. But this! The Left Behind board game! The lulz!

How can you not play this game when offered the opportunity?!

Well, frankly, you can just listen to the podcast. We weren’t expecting anything good, but this game was bad in the very worst way that a game can be bad. All I can say is hooray for making up your own rules. And for moonshine-soaked cherries. Those helped even those of us who don’t like booze.

So go listen. Play the podcast drinking game if you feel so inclined. If you still feel you must play this when you’re done, leave a comment at Geeks Without God. I don’t know whether they’ve found a new home for the game, but I know no one there wanted to keep it, even as a novelty.

So You Don't Have To

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