Blogging Against "Disablism"

It’s been two days of constant pain here, with changing atmospheric conditions and tedious work that’s doing its best to destroy my body even as it really doesn’t count as exercise. That tedious work is also taking up all the brain space I have left over from the pain, so blogging isn’t really a thing right now.

However, appropriately enough, today is a day on which people are saying very smart things about disability and about dealing well with people who have disabilities.

Seen any other good ones? Add them in the comments. I’m no good for writing today, but I can still read.

Blogging Against "Disablism"

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    Here’s the list you get if you click the “Parking-Upgraded” link on How To Deal With Physically Handicapped People Offer them your seat on the bus if there are no empty seats nearby Don’t assume they’re also mentally challenged Don’t talk to their significant others as if they weren’t there Don’t swat your kids for noticing Don’t start the conversation, “I wept because I had no shoes . . .” If you feel awkward, it’s not your fault. Or theirs. Or very important.

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