"Denialism on a Large Scale", Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

Climate denialism operates on a scale and with funding that would have made an old-school tobacco executives green with envy. This makes the climate wars a perfect venue for learning about all the tricks of denialists.

Greg Laden stumbled onto climate denialism through a combination of concern for the environment and studying what climate history can tell us about human evolution. He has documented lies, threats and simple misinformation while working to get good information on climate change out to audiences on his blog and elsewhere. In the process, he’s received legal threats, death threats, and more factually incorrect comments than he can count.

This Sunday, Greg will join us in the studio to help us learn to spot denialism in the wild and to tell us what to expect from climate change denialists in the next few months.

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"Denialism on a Large Scale", Greg Laden on Atheists Talk
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One thought on “"Denialism on a Large Scale", Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

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    heh, just saw the thing about Watts threatening to sue. Egads. I’ll even go so far as to say that Laden was maybe being a tad unfair to Watts — not a lot unfair, mind you, but if there was something I was going to rip on Watts about, it wouldn’t be his insufficiently skeptical interest in a story that the MSM, after all, swallowed hook-line-and-sinker for about six hours. But my god man, you can’t sue somebody for, um, ever-so-slightly misrepresenting a blog post. I mean… wut? Yikes.

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