Bring in the Experts!

If you’ve been to SkepchickCON before (as part of CONvergence), you know that part of the Skepchick’s strategy for bringing good science and skepticism into a science fiction is adding more expertise to the mix. We regular attendees can study up for our panels, but we are no substitute for a scientist or journalist who has made an in-depth study of a particular field. In past years, Skepchick has brought in astronomers and climate scientists, journalists and activists to make sure that the information presented to our audiences is the best it can be.

Expertise, however, isn’t free. Our experts are generous with their time, but there are still travel and hotel costs to be paid. That money, as with so much in skepticism, comes from donations.

Skepchick is coming up on its first funding target tomorrow. They’re close to their goal (closer than it looks on the widget due to an outside donation, but they’re still not there. As an incentive for donations, Surly Amy is turning psychic and answering reader questions. All the same guaranteed accuracy as any other psychic with much more entertainment.

If you have some spare cash and want to support successful skeptical and scientific outreach, won’t you consider donating to help SkepchickCON this year? It will help determine how many and which experts Skepchick can bring in.

Bring in the Experts!

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