Atheists Talk: Guy P. Harrison on "50 Simple Questions for Every Christian"

Author and skeptic Guy P. Harrison returns to Atheists Talk to discuss his forthcoming book, 50 Simple Questions for Every Christian. Continuing in the tradition of his previous “50 Things” books, this one is addressed at helping Christians and non-Christians explore each other’s viewpoints. From the publisher’s description:

This is a friendly and conversational inquiry about basic Christian beliefs from a sceptical viewpoint. Despite waning church attendance, Christianity continues to be one of the most influential forces in the world. As such, it’s important that everyone gains some understanding of the basic Christian tenets and that Christians understand why non-Christians may react with skepticism to their worldview. This unique book poses fifty simple questions about Christianity that will hopefully foster mutual understanding between Christians and non-Christians. In a respectful style that is friendly and conversational, the author tries to shed light on Christian beliefs. Each question is followed by commentary and analysis that is skeptical and tough but never argumentative or condescending. Designed to promote constructive dialogue, “50 Simple Questions” will enlighten, educate, and inspire thoughtful reflection on topics that are central to history’s most popular religion.

Please join us for what is sure to be an entertaining introduction to Harrison’s new book.

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Atheists Talk: Guy P. Harrison on "50 Simple Questions for Every Christian"

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