I Don't Get Email

Well, not chain emails anyway. If I were a believer, I’d think this made me beloved of the gods.

My mother, on the other hand, gets emails.

First, let’s start with where I’m coming from. Back in junior high, I came across a bumper sticker I kept for decades: “In God we trust. All others pay cash.” That’s my kind of sense of humor.

Lately there’s been way too much attention to whether and where those first four words appear. A couple years back, there was a big bruhaha about the new dollar coins. Email chains were going around posing a boycott because those words didn’t appear on the coins. Of course, the idiots proposing said boycott didn’t seem to realize that the rim of the coins, where the words did actually appear, were actually a part of the coins!

Last night, prior to the Super Bowl, another idiotic chain proposing a boycott was going around. Rich and Brenda were sitting there with me, in preparation for watching a commercial blitz – who cared about the game? – and got the chain a couple times. Was this another government-related item? Oh no, this time it was about… wait for it… Pepsi!

If you read the rest of that, you’ll see where I get some of my snark.

I Don't Get Email
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6 thoughts on “I Don't Get Email

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    I think it’s funny that fundies get hyped about “In God We Trust” on money. Didn’t their very own Jesus throw the moneylenders out of the temple? Why on earth would they want to taint their god by associating it with dirty money?

    Me, I cross out the word “God” from”In God We Trust” and replace it with “Reason” on every dollar in my pocket. When I’m traveling and pay in cash, I’ll quickly do it at the register as I get my change. I just smile and say “It’s atheist money”.

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