Godless Money

Once upon a time, the United States was a land in which money was allowed to do its job, and that job did not include proselytizing. Minnesota Atheists have a small collection of this money, and they’ll be auctioning it off to raise funds to keep Atheists Talk radio on the air.

Back of a $20 bill, without the phrase "In God We Trust".

The first auction is up. It’s a series 1950 B $20 bill. If you’d like some god-free money, head on over.

Godless Money
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4 thoughts on “Godless Money

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    Huh – I had thought that the “In God We Trust” motto had appeared on money during the Civil War, and had been around since then. Actually, though, only coins had it until the 1950s, and not continuously.

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    I’ve got a couple of Godless Singles in my wallet right now, in case someone tries to pull that “if you’re an atheist you shouldn’t use money ‘cuz it’s got godz on it” dumbassery.

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