Joking About Rape

Jamie Kilstein shows you how it’s done, at least if your joking about rape is supposed to be funny to anyone who understands that rape isn’t some far off abstraction.

It doesn’t even have to be done with a ton of forethought. Jamie and I joked about this stuff a little while back on Twitter. I don’t remember whether it was the incident he talks about here, or whether he’d just mentioned Rebecca Watson while spelling her last name correctly. Either way, he was sharing some of the most ridiculous tweets, and he remarked on the sheer volume (in both senses of the word).

So I asked him where the pushback fell on a scale of zero to “publicly vegan”. He laughed and responded that it was right around “Don’t want kids in Gaza to die”.

This is why, while my friends think I’m funny, he’s the pro.

But yeah, it doesn’t take great care to make a rape joke (though you can take such care and anyone unclear on the concept probably should). You just have to understand which targets are appropriate. Jamie has that part down cold.

Spoilers: For those of you who need more information before deciding whether to watch the video, most of it is Jamie marveling over internet dumbasses and recounting one particularly brazen bit of street harassment he witnessed. The last part, where he’s reading, relies very much on sarcasm, however. It’s Jamie saying stupid things other people say with the intent that they sound as stupid as they are.

Joking About Rape

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