Spam Attack

Those of you subscribed to comment threads may have already noticed this. Hell, all of you may have noticed this because it’s been so pronounced, but either Akismet has glitched or someone has figured out how to get reams of spam past it.

I hate spam. I don’t want it on my blog. I don’t, however, want to feel that removing those comments requires my constant vigilance. For the duration, I’ve turned on first-comment-approval moderation. I don’t like that either, as it messes with the flow of discussion in comments, but…yeah, bleah all around.

Spam Attack

5 thoughts on “Spam Attack

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    That’s probably the best thing to do for now. Sorry you’re dealing with it. But kudos to you for dealing with it. I know professional, money-making, even IT-oriented sites that fail to deal with spam in any adequate way whatsoever.

    Have a five-pack of intarnets.

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