Through the Eyes of Strangers

The ripples from the Minnesota Atheists billboards just keep being felt. Because of the billboards, the St. Paul Saints contacted MNA to sponsor a baseball game. A baseball game sponsored by atheists is newsworthy enough that it was reported in Texas, in Pennsylvania, and apparently, in Montreal.

If you listen to the radio show from last Sunday (which you should do anyway, because Chris Rodda is a great, passionate guest), you might hear a bit of extra noise in the background. A good cameraman can’t always be quiet, no matter how he tries. And Fred is good. He worked his butt off for a few seconds of footage from the show and a minute or so from the interview that happened immediately after.

Fred and Isabelle, the reporter/interviewer who met with us and had a lovely Sunday brunch and chat, are in the U.S. to traverse the length of the Mississippi before the election. They’re here to explain to those back home the state and complexity of our nation. One of the things needing an explanation to Canadians (or Canadiens) is the struggle of U.S. atheists for public acceptance, as about a third of Canadians are non-believers.

Isabelle was very up front, talking to us about finding the entire problem foreign and strange. Just as strange to her was the preacher she talked to somewhere along her travels whose American dream was for free markets. In fact, baseball may be the only subject in their video where Isabelle felt on completely solid ground, as that is her husband’s beat.

So if you want to find out how outsiders see American atheism, check out Isabelle and Frederic’s coverage from Sur la Route du Mississippi. For an English translation of the written text, click here.

Through the Eyes of Strangers