Atheists Talk: Howard Bloom on "The God Problem"

Howard Bloom is an extraordinary individual, which might be amusing when one realizes that a vast portion of his interest is the study of groups and system interactions. Bloom is a scientist, an activist, an innovator and a music industry publicist whose success in that arena is credited more to his understanding of mass psychology than of music.

Howard Bloom is a prolific writer whose topics of interest seem to span the entire range of everything from the beginnings of the universe to the future of mankind. His work has been published in well-known journals, magazines and newspapers, and he is the author of four books. Howard Bloom will discuss with Atheists Talk his newly published book The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates. Like so much of his work, it is difficult to put into any one box. It is a novel, an autobiography, a well-researched history of science. It is story of groups, of thoughts, of science and philosophy. The God Problem is all of these things in parts, but the whole is harder to define. Join us this Sunday to learn more about Howard Bloom and his fascinating new book.

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Atheists Talk: Howard Bloom on "The God Problem"

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