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So there I was, sitting at brunch in Omaha in August with a bunch of cool people from their Coalition of Reason, Brianne, and Micah Weiss of Skepticon. Micah, who appears to run on caffeine and adrenaline, turned to me and said, “You need a t-shirt!” and proceded to describe it to me.

He was right. And not only did I need one, but I think a few other people might need it as well. So eventually, after some tweaking to the design, I opened a Zazzle shop yesterday to sell these.

Button with red-and-white target. Text in white on the red: "Feminist on the Internet".
You know how it goes. You suggest women are still discriminated against in pay or promotions. You object to a sexist joke. You tell the world you want to spend some of your waking minutes on something other than being hit on. Bam! Suddenly you’re prey. Welcome to life as a feminist on the internet.

Yes, not only does the store offer t-shirts with this design, but you can get it on a variety of other merch as well.  One dollar from the sale of each t-shirt or other large item will go to help run Skepticon and keep it free, in honor of Micah’s contribution to the design.

Part of the reason it took me this long to set up the store is that I wanted more than one design. I currently have four. Two are versions of this, one square in fuchsia and one long in teal:


Button with feminist power logo. Text: I'm making history. What's your excuse?
Tired of being told your feminism is too loud, too angry, too pushy, too…well, you get the idea? Tired of watching anti-feminists go unchallenged in their behavior? Then this take-off of “Well-behaved women rarely make history” idea might just be for you.

Then there’s this one, which I’ve wanted to do for a while. It took me a long time to settle on a graphic that I liked. This one makes me happy.

Black and white silhouette of very toothy open mouth. Text: I eat trolls.

They keep telling us not to feed the trolls. Maybe someone should warn the trolls about feeding us.

Hopefully some of you will want these as badly as I do. Tell me if any of these designs need to go on a product that is currently missing. Or if there’s a design you really want someone to create. I’ll add to the store over time as I come up with new designs.

Feminist on the Internet
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24 thoughts on “Feminist on the Internet

  1. 7

    The trademarked Target logo is two rings of even width and a red dot in the middle, all with no separating lines. The Target name text is outside the image and is in black Helvetica all-caps. If they appear together, the text is the same height as the graphic. The fact that this is their trademarked logo does not make all target designs suddely trademarked, particularly those with four rings of uneven width, dividing lines, and text in an entirely different font and color.

    The lack of knowledge (willful or otherwise) you’re displaying here is (or should be) really embarassing.

  2. 11

    Though I agree it’s not the same, it might be worth coming up with some alternate designs for the FotI stuff, just in case Target does decide to make it an issue (since the haters have probably already contacted them about it).

  3. 12

    Though I agree itโ€™s not the same, it might be worth coming up with some alternate designs for the FotI stuff, just in case Target does decide to make it an issue (since the haters have probably already contacted them about it).

    Why would they? They’re always telling us that they’re also feminists, just not in the shrill harpy way the Skepchicks and FtBloggers are.

    So I’m sure they’ll be all chuffed to buy some buttons to demonstrate their commitment to equality.

  4. 14

    They’re hopping mad about a DMCA filed against one of them for making a sad rip-off of one of Rebecca Watson’s new tshirts, the one with just her blue hair and big glasses. So yeah, there’ll be dueling DMCA claims. Target has, of course, claimed all possible variations of red and white concentric circles. And Tigzy darling is a trademark lawyer.

  5. 17

    I feel the “Feminist on the Internet” one could be misinterpreted. As in, someone who is all like “yeah, equal rights for women, go feminism!” on the Internet and then when they go offline they don’t act like a feminist at all.

  6. 18

    Worst comes to worst, use a regular archery target like in the Olympics. From the outside, White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow. Makes the point, without acting as a troll signal.

  7. 20

    Cuttlefish, the troll signal is “feminist”. There are plenty of ways to further differentiate this from the logo, should someone reasonable get upset. I really like a simplified color and pattern, though.

    WMDKitty, give me a couple of days. If this is a good email address for you, I can notify you when it’s ready.

  8. 23

    islandstrust: From what I recall seeing on twitter, there was no actual DMCA request, only an inquiry, and the copyright owner was extremely adamant about that.

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