For the Edge the Best Ones Live On

Lack of a rational health care system in the U.S. leads to fewer people willing to take on jobs without predictable income leads to more people competing for a limited number of established jobs. But that’s another post. This post is about the risks artists take to provide us with what we need from them.

I met Scott Lynch at CONvergence by interrupting one of his meals in the hotel lounge. He was having dinner with friends of mine and…well, they were almost done. Seriously, though, he was quite gracious, both then and at a room party later. So it surprises me not at all that he’s putting his dignity on the line for his friends.

You see, Minnesota authors Emma Bull and Steve Brust are ill. Emma has probable thyroid cancer, and Steve appears to share his family history of heart problems. Both need surgery.

Minnesota isn’t an awful state in which to have a major illness like this if you make little enough money, but as my mother discovered with bad knees and diabetes, that coverage only goes so far. There will be bills not covered. There will be time spent doing anything but writing to keep us entertained.

So Scott is proposing to entertain us for money in the meantime. He wants to help his friends. He knows many of us want to help the writers who entertained and inspired us (and if you’re local to Minnesota or on the con circuit, made us dance). He will make it easier to get his work, he will educate us, and he will act silly for us. All we have to do is give a little.

I would be donating without any incentives. I’ve known Steve and Emma for…er, decades, though not terribly well. Beyond that, they’ve made me laugh and cry and dance and think. They’ve served me well for a long time.

I know we have other fans around here too, which is why I’m posting something on the blog. But if you’ve never heard of Emma and Steve, (first, fix that, then) click through to Scott’s blog. Let the pretty man entertain you and make it very pleasant to do some good.

For the Edge the Best Ones Live On