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6 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

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    Weird. KITH has been on our Netflix since winter, at least.

    Wait…something’s not right. How can Alberta have more culture than where you live, Jason?

    [Looks around for Rod Serling.]

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    Hope you get well soon. I’ve had a case of the dreaded lurgi as well – this is a local euphemism for pretty much the same thing as ‘ConCrud’, used in a particular circle here which has fans of the British 1950s radio show The Goons.

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    Brownian: Okay, since Netflix customizes what it shows you pretty heavily on the PS3 interface (where I do most of my viewing), it’s far more likely that I just never saw KitH in the list of available comedies until now when it bubbled up to visible. Looking on the actual website interface, it’s showing me a lot of stuff that I just never saw on the PS3 and will probably have to use their clunky search interface to find.

    So, between not being able to actually choose a genre and browse through *all* the available options, not having the ability to queue titles that I’m interested in, and being absolutely inundated with their anime offerings, the PS3 interface is crap comparitively. Oh, but they added the “feature” of auto-playing the next episode now, a feature I never wanted. And the “feature” of trying to turn off the PS3 for inactivity after 60 mins of viewing, so that I have to pause and restart any movie I try to watch.

    Yeah. I’m bitter about this PS3 interface now. There might be a post in this in fact.

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