I arrived home from Freethought Festival 2012 (there will be a Freethought Festival 2013 in April of next year, so mark your calendars now) with a case of impostor syndrome, a big to-do list, and a migraine. I came back to an already existing list, a bunch of work to catch up on, and a “someone else’s emergency” dropped squarely in my lap.

So, while I have lots to say about the convention and a bunch of thinking to process out here where it might do someone else some good, today is not the day for that. Instead, you get one of my favorite songs about disengagement. Okay, it’s the only song I can think of about disengagement that I like. Still, I love this song even when I’m not overcommitted.

Everybody wants charm and a smile and a promise.

Now, back to work.