How Do You Spend Easter Weekend?

Running for your life, of course. No, not from the family. Not the priest either. Better than that.

About 700 runners registered for the 5K Zombie Survival Run on Saturday morning in Cherokee Park, where about 100 actors dressed in ghoulish face paint and bloody costumes snarled and grabbed at them — ostensibly out of the hunger for flesh.

“The zombies were fast,” said Easterling, who lives in New Albany and ran with her 11-year-old son Derek. “I didn’t think they’d be that fast. They’re not that fast in the movies.”


Runners wore belts with three red flags, like in flag football. The zombies were mostly stationed on the race course, though some ran. Each flag grabbed by a zombie represented a wound; the runner’s goal was to was complete the course through the tranquil wooded park with at least one flag — in other words, alive.

Sadly, this does not appear to have been specifically planned to fall on zombie weekend. Or maybe it was. The organizers, who set up the run to benefit a local progressive theater, are in Kentucky.

Oh, what the heck. I’ll pretend that was the case even if it wasn’t. After all, it’s that sort of day.

How Do You Spend Easter Weekend?
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  1. Sri

    A friend of mine participated in that. She had great fun chasing down food (she was one of the weird fast zombies).

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