The Post-Reason Rally Doldrums

Are you still feeling sorry that you (like me) didn’t get to go to the Reason Rally? Or did you go, and now you’re feeling let down by real life because you’re not hanging out with a bunch of atheists? At least some of you can fix that.

If you’re in the region, consider coming to the Midwest Science of Origins Conference in Morris this weekend. Registration is free, though donations are welcome. Neil Shubin is speaking. PZ as well, of course. The range of topics is broad and interesting. Brianne and I and a few others from the Twin Cities will be there (aka, come on; all the cool kids’ll be there).

Not local? Don’t forget Rock Beyond Belief is this Saturday at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Sure, maybe they don’t have a weekend of science planned like MSOC, but I hear they have a speaker or two who aren’t too shabby. Oh, and maybe a couple of musical guests you might have heard of. All right. All right. They’re also much more family friendly than your average atheist get-together. Seriously, though, this is going to be a huge event. If you’re anywhere nearby, don’t miss it.

Tired of all the events happening in the U.S., where you are not? The events surrounding the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne have already started. In addition to the conference itself, there a number of “fringe events“, some free and some at a much lower cost than the convention itself. Kylie recently highlighted one of the events that promises to be…spirited.

Can’t do any of those? Then check out Greta’s suggestion for changing the world. There’s always something you can do.

The Post-Reason Rally Doldrums