Wear Those Scarlet Letters With Pride

As Daniel points out, today starts “A” Week on Facebook. Don’t be shy, though. You can also sport a jaunty “A” on Twitter or Google+ or anywhere you hang out with an avatar. Whatever it takes to make atheists visible and let the atheists around you know they’ve got your support.

To get you in the mood, here’s a brand new trailer for Scarlet Letter, a forthcoming documentary about atheists. I think you’ll recognize some of the faces.

The website for the movie appears to be here, but it’s seriously borked at the moment, at least on my browser. I assume that will be fixed soon.

Wear Those Scarlet Letters With Pride

6 thoughts on “Wear Those Scarlet Letters With Pride

  1. 3

    I like, Justin! I bet one of those would look quite fetching on the meatiest part of my upper arm. (why no, I’m not such a wuss about pain, really.. Why do you ask? πŸ™‚

  2. F

    it’s seriously borked at the moment,

    It’s not your browser. There’s no content to speak of. Not even in the stylesheet.

    So we’re still sticking with the white guys for the most part? OK, then.

  3. 5

    You could kill two birds by using an actual scarlet letter A, referencing Trudeau’s censored week of comics on the Texas mandatory ultrasound law AND atheism at the same time. Too confusing?

  4. 6

    Watched the trailer with the sound off (standard practice around here: all-white, all-male cast, with the exception of two clips of women at the beginning and end. WTF!!

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