The Secularization of U.S. Latinos

Hispanics/Latinos are now the largest minority ethnic population in the U.S. They are also one of the fastest-growing populations of those who identify as having no religion. That doesn’t necessarily mean a high percentage of atheists, but it does mean we should be paying more attention to this group than we usually do.

The Black Skeptics posted an interview on Wednesday with Juhem Navarro-Rivera, one of the few people who do seem to be catering to the needs of this population. In addition to his blog The LatiNone, which is an interesting look at how secular Latinos fit into public discussions of religion and the politics of ethnicity, Navarro-Rivera is also a political scientist studying secularism. He’s one of the researchers on the ARIS survey and the author of U.S. Latino Religious Identification 1990-2008: Change, Diversity & Transformation. In this video, he talks a little bit about what that survey tells us about the changing face of Latino secularism. It’s also worth seeing for the background on secularism in the rest of the Hispanic world.

More information about the survey is summarized here.

One of the things I found disturbing about the interview was that only two groups, both currently regional, were listed. Similarly, The LatiNone, while excellent, is the only blog I know of that caters to English-speaking Latino “Nones”. So, to finish this post off, a request: If you know of other resources, please link them in the comments.

The Secularization of U.S. Latinos

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