Superbowl Outcome: Church Loses

From the American Atheists:

An Atheist civil rights group announced today that it will be flying an airplane banner on Super Bowl Sunday around Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The banner will read “Football beats church anytime –” The banner is scheduled to be in the air from 9:30-11:30 AM local time.

Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists, stated, “We took advantage of a unique opportunity to remind many Americans that their religion is not as important as they like to pretend it is. In many cities around the country the running joke is that football is the most popular religion.”

Mr. Silverman continued, “The banner will be seen by thousands of tailgaters, who clearly agree with American Atheists since they chose to sit on a tailgate instead of a pew. They chose to party with friends instead of praying with preachers.”

I approve this message.

Superbowl Outcome: Church Loses

5 thoughts on “Superbowl Outcome: Church Loses

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    I’m betting that the sky-advertising company they’ve booked will discover a mysterious problem with the plane a few hours before flight time and cancel. Or, the FAA will announce that all advertising flights over the site are banned for “security reasons.”

    You read it here first…

    If it actually flies, I’m betting that, absent the plane crashing into the TV blimp, the banner will not be shown on the TV broadcast.

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    No doubt there will be some fists shaken at the sky when this banner flies over; not everyone in the crowd will be pleased.

    Still, there will be some who look up and who will not be able to look away as their minds whirl with unexpected possibilities. In the space of a few moments at least some people will feel a lurch in an unfamiliar direction and will be >drumroll< forever changed. Kinda like conversion except in reverse. Reversion, it would seem.

    @ #4: Nice catch, Aratina. The cage is a bit cleaner now.

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