Things to Do Today

If you like bad movies, you should download (legally!) a copy of Laser Mission and join us tonight at 9 p.m. EST on Twitter for Mock the Movie. Details on how Mock the Movie works here. All you need to know about the movie is that they claim to have a system for making nuclear weapons–with lasers. There’s a trailer, of sorts. This looks horrid.

While that’s downloading, if you still have some bandwidth left, you should check out Words Such as Burn, a band that is donating part of the proceeds from the sale of their humanist album to the Secular Student Alliance. They’re guitar-based rock, but their sound varies quite a bit from song to song. Check out the samples and see what you think.

Want something to read instead? If you haven’t already seen it, check out the Skeptical Blog Anthology put together by the Young Australian Skeptics. Available as an ebook or in paperback.

If you’re looking for a stranger way to spend your money, consider paying for Michaelyn’s haircut. All right, what you’re really paying for is the ability to bring a big atheist event with great speakers to people who can’t afford conference fees. However, if you donate to help cover the costs of Reasonfest, Michaelyn will be sporting a red mohawk, and that is going to look great on her.

Or you could be a little more confrontational and help the Minnesota Atheists put up a billboard that will be seen by plenty of people who would prefer to forget atheists exist. You can see a preliminary version of the ad now, but imagine one of those pro-life, cute kid billboards that simply says, “Please don’t indoctrinate me with religion. Teach me to think for myself.” Come on. You know you want to donate for that.

All right. That’s enough for one morning, I think. Good job, everyone. Now hit the showers.

Things to Do Today

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