In the last four months of 2011, since moving to FreethoughtBlogs, my blog has received more visits than it did in its entire Blogger incarnation. That means (I hope) that some new people have discovered my blog and liked it. Assuming that’s the case, this seems like a good time to let you know what you might have missed this year. Here are a few posts that were favorites.

Dirty Little Geeks
This post made more people happy than anything else I’ve posted this year, I believe.

Male Rape Victims: Let’s Talk About the Men
This one made a lot of people happy as well, but for an entirely different reason. This covers research on male rape victims and their (few) differences from female rape victims.

Talking About Leadership
Debbie Goddard recommended this post on leadership challenges in the skeptical movement. I won’t even try to give you a better endorsement than that.

The Comments You Didn’t See
There’s a lot of noise from some quarters about free speech and comment moderation. This post captures a number of the comments moderated into oblivion during “Elevatorgate.” I’ve considered making this a semi-regular feature.

This year, I only posted one of my stories on the blog. This is that.

The Judgment of Rep. Weiner
In which I responded to many of the common reactions to and assumptions about the pictures and sexting.

Sexism Always Wins, but It Still Loses
On not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

The Politics of the Null Hypothesis
The common charge is that it’s those on the “largely nuture” side of the IQ/genes debate who make their claims for political reasons. I took a little look at that.

True Equivalence
Putting the words of “atheist fundamentalists” up against religious moderates and fundamentalists.

Skepticism and Rape Adaptations; More on the Science of Rape “Adaptations”; and Skepticism Is a “How,” Not a “Who”
In which I start by criticizing an evolutionary psychology “researcher” and end up telling a CFI chapter how to do skepticism.

At the Atomic Testing Museum, At the Nevada Test Site, and Duck and Cover
Sharing the experience of a trip to Las Vegas for something very different than gambling.

Sex, Science, and Social Policy
Does crime go up in neighborhoods with adult businesses? Well, it depends on how you gather your data.

Should Have Known
On all the “She should have known” statements surrounding the assault of Lara Logan.

On the Assange Case
This is the last of a series of posts addressing the arguments against following through on the rape allegations against Julian Assange. It contains links to the rest.

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