For Crommunist

Crommunist put a call out this morning for a new banner for his blog. As much as I liked the minimalist design of his old banner, I’d had half an idea in my head since a back-channel discussion about hammers (don’t even bother to ask). So I jumped at the chance to play around a bit.

Crommunist Soviet

The style is inspired by old Soviet propaganda posters, particularly in the choice of colors. I wanted to get a very stylized picture of Crommunist himself in there too, but the man is always smiling. It just wouldn’t do. Nobody smiles in Soviet propaganda posters.

Whatcha think?

For Crommunist
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14 thoughts on “For Crommunist

  1. 1

    I like it a lot, though I think the red and mustard-yellow is not enough of a contrast for my complete liking. I still find it a bit hard on the eyes. If the colors were more completely separated, it would be perfection.

  2. 3

    That’s a fantastic design! I’m with heather-lynnsiemens on the colors, though. Maybe invert them and/or choose more gold-and-crimson type shades?

  3. 5

    I agree with you that the simplicity suits him, but I do love your propaganda poster style banner! Red and gold are perfect, I second (or third?) the idea of inverting them or coming closer to the USSR flag colors. I love the lettering style. Throw in a Cyrillic letter? Fantastic.

  4. 7

    Why would you like to revel in Soviet Style Propaganda? Those atheistic mass murderers killed MILLIONS of believers.

    Oh, wait…maybe that is not a problem for you?

  5. 14


    Gratuitous cyrillic characters might look good to a 100% latinate eye, but they drive anyone who actually knows the alphabet batty. ‘И’ is no substitute for ‘N’, for instance, it’s closest to ‘I’.

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