Christian Redditors Trying to Hide the SSA

A post about the Secular Student Alliance made it to the front page of reddit today. Yay! Good news! JT says it helped a bunch of people find the SSA on Facebook. Whether they’re students looking for someplace to feel less alone or others willing to support the mission of the SSA, this is a good thing.

It’s a good thing that religious redditors don’t want anyone else to see, however. Once the post hit the front page, the downvoting started in earnest. Oh, those persecuted religious types, having to see that someone doesn’t believe. Poor puppies.

Right. Sarcasm aside, they don’t want to have to acknowledge our existence or the existence of the SSA, and they’re willing to make sure nobody else sees us either in order to make that happen. There are more of them than us, so this may be hopeless, but if you have a reddit account, won’t you please go use it now to help others find the SSA?

Christian Redditors Trying to Hide the SSA

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