The Materials to Become Better Citizens

One project in my Donors Choose challenge has already been funded with the help of readers. Thank you. From the teacher:

I can’t fully express my joy, excitement, as well as thanks for your donations to my project. It is great to see that so many share in my vision for reaching children. In science, we so often use hands on discovery learning to really get at the heart of the inquiry skill. As we all know, labs are a great way to have students invested in learning. Labs require materials, such as the ones that were funded, in order allow students to investigate and make certain concepts concrete.

Thank you so much for your donations. I can’t wait to introduce these tools to the children. Your donations help to keep science alive!

Did I mention that you get thank you letters from the teachers and project updates (only if you want them)? Let’s work on getting a few more of these funded.

From John James Audubon Elementary School in Kenner, LA:

Creating Thinkers Through Current Events

Both of these magazine subscription give an insight into current events that is written for the age group I teach using language they can understand and great pictures and charts. Both of these magazines also have digital versions to further educate the students on the topics discussed. They both also come with skill building lessons and assessments.

My students have various disabilities that make it harder for them to learn and even be harder at times to motivate them to want to learn. I think with these grade appropriate materials, I can inspire my students to care more about something other than sports stars, rappers or starlets. To be successful in life, truly successful, you need to be able to think critically. These materials will help me to create a learning environment where that can happen.

Only $130 left to be raised for this project and only four days left in the challenge. Let’s get this one done before time runs out!

From Forest Hill High School in Jackson, MS:

Social Studies Classes Staying Connected to Current Events!

Having a class set of Weekly Readers will allow for discussion of current events on a weekly basis as well as an additional opportunity for students to practice their reading and analytical skills. My students would be able to gain a better perspective of what is occurring in their state, country and world.

This project will really help our students stay engaged by allowing them to read about current events and discuss them with their classmates each week! It is so important to educate young minds to consider the world around them, outside of their own neighborhoods and the fulfillment of the project would help us do so. Thank you!!

Amount remaining to be funded: $233

From Astec Charter Middle High School in Oklahoma City, OK:

Founding Fathers Library–Part 2

These books and materials will be of tremendous benefit to the American Government and AP U.S. Government and Politics classes. These books will be a complete classroom set which will allow for independent reading and research of the actual Federalist Papers. Current textbooks do not include the entire set of these historic documents which is vital for effective and advanced instruction. Without your help, these resources will not be available.

Students must have an indepth understanding of the men who founded our country. These books include a much needed classroom set of The Federalist Papers and will be added to an existing Founders Library that is openly available to all students.

Amount remaining to be funded: $434

These kids will grow up to set the direction of the U.S. Even if you don’t live here, you know that their voices will have a disproportionate weight in the world. Help their teachers make sure they’re prepared for the responsibility.

The Materials to Become Better Citizens
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