A Perfect Birthday Gift

It’s been a long, busy weekend visiting friends. I held a 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet in my hand and touched 600-year-old vellum. I also got one of the best birthday presents of my life.

Congratulations on lapping the sun once more. Though I’m sure you didn’t put any direct effort into it, you’ve managed to make it all the way around again. Sure, Earth may not be where it was this time last year, what with the movement of the solar system in this galaxy and the movement of the galaxy in this universe, but hey. As fixed frames of reference go, this is the best we have, saying that we made it all the way around the sun again. And as is customary for marking such an arbitrary and otherwise fluid milestone, I did something for you that I hope you’ll appreciate.

I do. I appreciate the gift, and I appreciate all the people who got together behind my back and made it happen.

Now it’s time to recover from an grand weekend and an amazing gift.

A Perfect Birthday Gift
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4 thoughts on “A Perfect Birthday Gift

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    Happy birthday 🙂

    My daughter was two whole years old on the same day. She had a bouncy castle for the day, although I think that your gift was way cooler!

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    My partner and I did the same thing when we got married. Much better collecting money for Kiva than getting a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t need. We collected nearly £1,000 :-).

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