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6 thoughts on “God’s Away on Business

  1. Art

    Tow Waites, the singer, is not always easy to understand. It helps a lot if you look up the lyrics if you are not familiar with the song. (lyrics “God’s Away on Business” will do for a search term.)

    That out of the way I must say that the song sums up how I feel much of the time in recent months. We seem to have, as a nation, sold our birthright for stock in Enron and a prize to be determined some time in the future. I don’t know what is coming, but it feels like the grand prize will be a complete mental, physical, emotional, and financial collapse. A societal, possibly world-wide grand-mal seizure and liquidation of brains and assets.

    To make things worse when this happens half the population will fall to its knees and pray to an imaginary super being, and half will hand everything remaining to the first group of ‘thieves, killers, and lawyers’ to step up to the podium wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross and sword.

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