Another Live One

Just over a year ago, Jason tangled with a couple of astrologers over at Lousy Canuck about proving the usefulness of astrology. Well, we both did, but Jason did almost all the heavy lifting. I mostly just had to put up with one of them spoiling a Kylie Minogue song in order to tell me he couldn’t get me out of his mind. (Yeah, still creepy, even now.) It was so illustrative of the problems with pseudoscience that we did a radio show about it and epic enough that one of the astrologers changed his name, moved his blog, and got rid of any mention of Jason.

But now a new astrologer has shown up to defend his own personal brand of hand-waving mysticism. The problem, you see, was that:

The Dorkstar does not speak for “astrology,” nor does he qualify as an “astrologer,” unless of course one means in that cartoonish sense, like how Paula Abdul contributes to the great history of music with her lofty seat on American Piehole — it’s a known fact in LA that Paula simply cannot sing. Her vocal tracks were processed with pitch-adjusting tools. The raw versions are simply awful.

But, think about it, only someone as daft and unscholarly as Dorkstar would embarrass himself so much in public so often, inspiring ridicule across the “Internets” among the many real pros who have been on the cutting edge of astrology, and spent the better part of their lives devoted to the matter.

And the solution:

Yes, let’s DO HAVE a real debate on astrology, but this time WITH A QUALITY ASTROLOGER.

Although he won’t confirm it, I think astrologers are contractually obligated to talk that way. Just as they’re apparently contractually obligated to claim an understanding of statistics and to suggest that anyone who doubts them needs help with their love life.

But the real question: Can they offer anything that even starts to approach scientific evidence for the effectiveness of astrology? Tune in next week…wait, no. Just go over to Jason’s and see how well this one does. Or even just whether he has anything to offer that isn’t an insult.

Another Live One
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6 thoughts on “Another Live One

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    Oh, my. Here we go again! Make that a double batch of popcorn, fastlane. I think it’s going to be quite a show.

    Astrologers are like preachers: Only their sermons are worth listening to. Get your readings anywhere else, and you’re going to burn in hell.

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    You get a lot of Courtier’s Reply when you criticize astrology–like this piece at that generated a few hundred comments. I was informed in no uncertain terms that I didn’t know shit about REAL astrology. It’s much more complicated than the junk astrology I ignorantly wrote about. Also, I’m a douchebag.
    Another case of building elaborate, fanciful structures on a foundation of vapors; sometimes the emperor wears zodiac-themed outfits.

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