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'Packing' by Ryan Hyde. Some rights reserved.

Welcome to the new home of Almost Diamonds. If you’re reading the blog for the first time, the old home is here. I also blogged for a time at Quiche Moraine and guest posted at Greg Laden’s Blog, Sex in the Public Square, the Scientific American guest blog, and the Journal of Are You Fucking Kidding. I won’t be migrating my archives wholesale, but I’ll likely polish up and pull over some of the more relevant posts and parts of ongoing series. I’ll start today with “The Accommodationism Challenges.”

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while should know that I don’t have any plans to change what I’ve been blogging. If you can figure out what that actually is, please let me know. Well, I know there’s science and sex and politics and atheism and art and snark, but if any of you think you’ve managed to come up with some sort of organizing principle for it all, speak up.

What about me, you ask? (Yes, I can comfortably hold up both sides of a conversation.) I’m an analyst by trade, and that is as deliberately vague as it sounds. I’m not a scientist, but it is still my job to pull lots of information together from the best sources identifiable, figure out what it says, and figure out where the big, gaping holes are. On top of that, I write science fiction and fantasy, with my first professional sale to be published soon (“soon” being a publishing term with its own special relationship to everyday English). I’m also a once and future host of Atheists Talk radio, which is available as a podcast through iTunes or on the Minnesota Atheists website.

I have a very unusual, but not unique, name, which makes me easy to find on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (for now, at least) if you like what you find here and want more. I’m the snarky one.

Nice Place We’ve Got Here

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