Lady Gamers, Endlessly Editable

If you’ve ever gamed ever, at all, you’ve borne witness to the Eternal Argument. Do women fail to game because their ladybrains make them disinclined to, or is the community so unreceptive that women run screaming in the opposite direction? I come down firmly on the latter side. Let me superficially scratch the surface of this complex issue, while maximizing my SAT word usage to appear really qualified to discuss this matter.

That is Hermitage, who is more than qualified to discuss the care and feeding of gamer dudebros (because that’s why women game, right?). Observant, detailed, and snarky, this post really ought to be all one needs on the question. Just in case it’s not, however, I present the following.

Lady Gamers, Endlessly Editable

3 thoughts on “Lady Gamers, Endlessly Editable

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    Wow, that was quick. Same-day spam.As for the topic, one serious problem with a lot of gaming is too many boobs between keyboard and chair. Almost no women, mind, but lots of boobs.

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    My wife and I play a lot of video games, both together and separately. Neither of us enjoy the type of game that's in the video. It's infantile humor, created by infantile developers. We're adults, and we prefer something a bit more sophisticated. I wouldn't mind a bit if the people who make games like that were suddenly to be required to learn to say, "Welcome to Walmart!"

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