The Face of Insurance Denial

This isn’t the world’s best-quality video. That would be because I’ve never made one before. This kid, and this issue, are worth it though.

For more on pre-existing conditions, read Dan’s post over at Migrations.

Update: It would make me very happy if people were to repost this video, email it, etc. If we generate enough outrage, we have a chance at fixing this.

The Face of Insurance Denial
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9 thoughts on “The Face of Insurance Denial

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    My brother lost his coverage after losing his job. His COBRA payments were nearly 2/3 of his unemployment so after a couple of months he had to quit paying. When he did find a new job, suddenly his heart condition was a pre-existing one.

  2. 2

    Thank you for this. It means a lot to us.For the record, we really could not "afford" it but, what are you going to do? Her heart is our heart and we would be penniless before letting a single hair on her head suffer.

  3. 3

    Well, in the case of health care, "afford" really only means not having to go bankrupt to get one's life back, but oh, yes. And what lovely hair it is too.cthulhu's minion, that sucks. I very much hope it wasn't something that needed maintenance treatment before his exclusion period was up.

  4. 4

    The beauty of COBRA is that the price is fixed at 102% of the premiums that the employer or the group paid before the covered customer left the group. Cthulhu's Minion – I hope that your brother is able to find some way to cover his condition.Great video, too. I had seen Dan's letter to a friend while I was at work and I was going to e-mail the link to you, when I saw that you had all ready found it.

  5. Dan

    Thanks Stephanie and Mike for sharing my letter. Here's to hoping that people come around and break through their denial concerning how private health insurance just isn't enough.

  6. 6

    Not my style of rabble-rousing, but probably much more effective. I'm going to cross-post this at my place if you don't mind. I have more American than Canadian audience at the moment it seems, so it's fitting.

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    Posted. Not much to say, because I really don't think I can express my feelings on this whole fiasco of spineless shit eating fucking bastards, without getting a little too offensive with my language.

  8. 9

    Stephanie following Greg's "orders" 😉 I posted it over at my place yesterdayPatrick I truly hope your daughter will be fineAs a Canadian with that darn evil socialized Marxist medical plan I truly feel sorry for my American friends.I hope the Democrats do not betray the trust you put in them last year but it certainly looks like they , for the most part, don't care.

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