The Issue Isn’t….

This is the full video of the couple who are alleging discrimination. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, one would expect folks to not be that intimate in a restaurant. When asked to tone it down a bit (it being lots of body contact and burying a face in the other’s breasts), the couple responded angrily and was then asked to leave. The main thing here is… it isn’t about sexual orientation, but rather, its about behavior, because what the manager saw wasn’t just a hug or an embrace as some of the news outlets are describing in their headlines.

So says the text that accompanies this video. See for yourself.

I’m not sure how that’s different from what the couple was claiming all along. You?

Of course, there were large breasts involved, which makes it obscene, because anybody can just tuck those away out of sight…or something.

The Issue Isn’t….

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    I am not sure exactly how they could have embraced without there being some breast contact involved, as between them there was rather a lot. But of course you are right, they should have managed to tuck those away somewhere, somehow – because like cannabis, tits are fucking magical. Especially lesbian breasts – those are extra-specially magical.I wonder how much of a problem this would have been, had the women been really hot. I am guessing it might have been less of a problem…

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