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While I’m off being disgustingly productive at the things people actually pay me for, I recommend test driving One More Asshole. It’s a newish blog, but if you’ve been reading the comments in the Sonoco thread here, you’re already familiar with the author, William, and probably impressed.

Do I agree with William on everything? Oh, hell, no. But he should be lots of fun to argue with.

Go read.

Check It Out
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3 thoughts on “Check It Out

  1. 1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!111!!!!(No. I’m honestly not being malicious. I take genuine delight in the fact that a blog named “One More Asshole” was inspired by a contentious comment thread.)

  2. 2

    Number 1: Customary gratitude for the boost.Number 2: … oh, thank you, Activia.Number 3: Debate for debating’s sake seems masturbatory to me (stay with me on this). My time being at a premium, like anybody else’s, I debate to see my mind changed. I’m not looking for the most part to change minds, that’s up to other minds.Number 4: Coming in particular from an editor’s editor, the recommendation makes me blush.

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    Juniper, it’s even better than that. If you haven’t, check out his blogroll. :)William, I’m not far off on arguing. Aside from the occasional nonsense argument (which I only inflict on willing friends), I’m generally arguing to test my ideas. Sometimes to force myself to get them into shape.An editor’s editor? Now who’s blushing?

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