Oh, Hell Yes

I’ve mentioned previously that March will be a good music month. In addition to the new Madness album, I have tickets to a band I thought I’d never get to see live.

Yes, the Squirrel Nut Zippers have reformed and are doing another tour, starting in Minneapolis. Okay, so it’s a little ironic that I’m seeing them here, having just been to their neck of the woods last month, but I’ll take what I can get. How can I not, when they write songs just for me.

Put a Lid on It

Now the girl’s in overdrive. Some of your pals want to stay alive.

Not to mention some truly sweet surreal Eastern European jazz fusion. No, I didn’t know what that sounded like until I heard this song either. Now with awesome retro video.

The Ghost of Steven Foster

If we were made of cellophane, we’d all get stinking drunk much faster.

I got my tickets today. Sooo happy.

Oh, Hell Yes

10 thoughts on “Oh, Hell Yes

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    Hey, Serena! If you’ve never heard of them, it’s also definitely worth checking out their single from, oh, more years ago than I want to think about. It’s called “Hell,” which probably makes the title make more sense.And there are still tickets….

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    I’m definitely interested. My husband is often occupied on Tuesday nights, but I’ll ask him if he can go. If nothing else, maybe he can come late….I’ll let you know!

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