The internet is just too big. There’s no other way to account for the fact that I hadn’t heard about PodCastle, Escape Pod and Pseudopod yet (except for the facts that my interests are too broad and I’m too involved in generating content myself, but…uh…hey, look over there!).

Short fiction in the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres respectively, these podcasts are perfect for you if, like my friend James, you believe, “Nobody reads anymore.”

Actually, there are a bunch of short fiction podcasts out there these days, but I’m starting with these. In particular, PodCastle has a short story I haven’t read from Naomi Kritzer (who writes amazing short stories). Then there’s Ellen Klages’ “In The House Of The Seven Librarians,” which I heard the author read when it was a shorter piece. And then…

And then….

Oh, boy. I’m in serious trouble now. See y’all when I come up for air.


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