Now This Is Civilized, Mostly

Here’s how to start your morning.

  • Prep for dinner with friends while making breakfast.
  • Leave the robots behind you cleaning the house.
  • Enjoy a nice, cool walk to work.
  • Be greeted by name at the coffee shop.
  • Have your Friday mocha ready by the time you’re done ordering.
  • Get to work to find that your research has been featured in the news.
  • Plan for a party.
  • Get back to work.

For the record, I recommend skipping the part where you take a chunk out of your dominant index finger with your thumbnail while tying your shoes. It really doesn’t add to the effect.

Now This Is Civilized, Mostly
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2 thoughts on “Now This Is Civilized, Mostly

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    Thanks, Samia. I admit, it’s purely corporate business-practice research–nothing like working for the EPA–but it is nice to know it makes a difference to someone.

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